Tuesday Afterwork

Party Boat CruiseHey, it's has been a little rough. Time to treat yourself and go out and celebrate Tuesday on a party boat or yacht charter. You work hard - live a little! $25 general admission, per person.


Thursday Night

Party Boat Cruise

The weekend's almost here. Make Thursday night extra special - charter a yacht and give them all something to talk about this weekend! $25 general admission, per person.

friday night part cruise

Party Boat Cruise

TGIF!! The weekend is here, now start it right on a party boat or yacht charter cruise! Kick back, grab a drink and watch the sun set over the harbor in NYC! $45 general admission, per person..

Saturday cruises

Party Boat Cruise

Let your hair down, kick back, grab a drink and marvel at the city skyline as you float by on your party boat or private yacht charter cruise! What could be better? $45 general admission, per person.

4th july party cruise

Party Boat Cruise

This is the only way that drinking and fireworks become the perfect combination.  The party doesn't stop when the fireworks are over- We keep the party going.  This 4th of July will be a night to remember!

new years eve cruise

Join Us For The Biggest Party of the Year

A News Years Eve boat cruise will leave you some great stories, and maybe some new friends.   Toast how amazing this coming year will be while cruising around glorious New York Harbor.