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is owned and operatied by Marco Polo Cruises who are NYC'S #1 Source for Open to the Public Cruises & Private Party Boat Rentals

Every week in April through October, we host weekly Cruise Parties that are open to the public or have Boats & Yachts Available for Private Rental for Your Special Event! We have been doing htis for over 20 years strong and are the #1 Open to the Public Cruise Party in NYC!

We specialize in Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties and More! Our team will personally give you the VIP treatment you expect and will give you a great deal too! Our specialty is Hospitality and we want to make your special day unforgettable!

We also rents/charters our fleet of Party Boats & Yachts to groups for your own event! Our Events team is here to give you great pricing and package options and to help you find the perfect date for your event on the perfect Vessel.

All of our Vessels are USCG Certified and Inspected and can accommodate anywhere from 300-600 People! Have a bigger group? We can help you with that too!

All of our cruises feature a DJ, Full Service Cash Bars (or purchase an open bar package!) as well as a cash buffet available!

Kick off your night with a different scene in a totally unique way! See the NYC Skyline, Statue of Liberty and everything in between and dance on the water with us!

Corporate Social Responsibility & Governance

Marco Polo Cruises and its officers and management are staunch supporters of Green Initiatives and the further protection, development and pro-active planning for the over 520 Miles of Coastline in New York City Alone! The majority of The United States and even Native New Yorkers themselves forget that our city is built on a series of Islands. This in of itself presents a myriad of entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as responsibilities that must be addressed and assessed as the recent past has presented challenges and new realities for all of New York City and its Citizenry, especially post Hurricane Sandy.

Climate Change and Destructive Storms have given New York City a wake up call that has reverberated throughout our communities. The outright destruction caused on Long Beach, The Rockaways, Sandy Point, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island have dramatically changed the way we build and has still left devastation even after all of these years. Sea Walls, The Subways, Boardwalks, Housing; All of these are still being repaired and updated, but this is a long and arduous process and engineering challenge for us all. Our main port of call for The Paddle Wheel Queen was all but destroyed and damaged by the storm and Pier 1 is considered 'condemned' by the City. This was a devastating blow for Marco Polo Cruises and the many other Ships and Cruise Companies that called World's Fair Marina home.

Guardians of Flushing Bay

As a Partner of The Waterfront Alliance & The Guardians of Flushing Bay, Marco Polo Cruises has strived to help with the many issues that needed to be solved and taken up for the sake of the Environment and the surrounding Community. The biggest 'Win' for the Alliance and Guardians has been the $34 Million Dollar Dredging of Flushing Bay, headed up by The Army Corps of Engineers and its contractors. The dredging not only will make the Bay more navigable by Ships, but also remove the pollutants and nuisance odors from the sediment spanning over 17.5 Acres and over 91,000 cubic yards of waste.

Company Ethics and Practices

Marco Polo Cruises itself is striving for reducing its own carbon footprint both in the Offices as well as on our Fleet of Vessels. Regularly maintaining and Inspecting its fleet with The U.S. Coast Guard, upcycling and rebuilding our engines as opposed to just scrapping them, updating our components in the Engine Bays with the newest and most efficient parts. We also carefully plot our routes to use as little fuel as possible and use the most efficient engines to reduce carbon output fleet-wide. We hope to set the 'Standard' in NYC.