Sunset Cruise

There is nothing more relaxing than cruising around the NYC harbor, and watching the colors of the evening sky changs as the sun sets over New York City's Skyline. Whether you are looking to treat yourself after a rough day or week at work or looking to impress your clients after a full day of activities, and after work sunset cruise is the way to unwind. Climb on board our NYC booze sunset cruise, order your favorite drink and relax and vibe with the music. Our live DJ onboard will have you have the time of your life. 

Come vibe with us on our evening cruise to relax after your busy days at work or to unwind. Mingle with other passengers while enjoying great music and delicious drinks. Enjoy it all while taking in the breathtaking views of the sunset sky.

Come by and hang out for the evening, whether you're just a visitor to the City or looking for something to do after work. Treat your coworkers, clients, or staff to a fantastic tour of the Skyline, where they will get to see all of the iconic buildings as the sun sets on the horizon. 

Sunset NYC